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Final day of WIA, Strong Arms!

on March 16, 2014

As usual, I woke up ready to eat.  I LOVE breakfast!!

At 8am I fixed myself an egg white and oatmeal pancake, inspired again by Peanut Butter fingers, but I left out the cinnamon and sugar and just used egg whites and oatmeal.  Why?  Because I was craving peanut butter BIG TIME!  So I wanted a healthy base to slather 1.5 tbsp. of peanut butter on top of.  I enjoyed the peanut butter with a side of yogurt.

After my husband and I took the dog on a very long walk (about 1.5 hours worth!) on this beautiful day, we came home for an ice treatment for the back and some lunch.

Lunch, 12:10pm

A bowl of leftovers consisting of:

  • 1/2 cup of grilled chicken strips
  • 1/2 cup broccoli
  • 1/4 cup of cherry tomatoes, halved

I followed that with 2 of my banana cookies and snuck 4 triscuits and 2 cheddar popped rice cakes from my husband’s plate!

I was hungry and felt satisfied and healthy after this lunch.

After we digested a bit, we took the dog to get a bath.  She has been a stinky girl for a while and we finally had a day where the weather cooperated for a bath.

She hates baths but it’s a necessary evil!  I left covered in dog hair but with a lovely smelling dog!

When we got back I changed out of my nasty dog hair covered clothes and came downstairs to get in a workout before showering.  I did the low impact HIIT routine by Jessica Smith again.  I really am enjoying that one! I also completed this http low impact workout that is very adjustable based on your fitness needs.

I did have to modify some of these moves to keep my back safe.  I’m not ready for squats, so I just did front kicks and side kicks without the squat in between, and of course made sure my abs were tight and back was straight during all moves.

For some strength training, I did this Arm Workout.  It was good but I felt didn’t work my triceps as much as my other muscles.  I did some chest presses, push ups against the wall, and side leg lifts on my own, and followed that with a long stretch, focusing on my hips.  It was a good workout and I even broke a sweat, though my symptoms of sciatica are a bit worse now so I may have overdone it a bit.

I was pretty hungry after my workout so at 3:20 I had a peanut butter Luna bar (so craving PB today!) and 4 triscuits for some salt.  (I have low blood pressure and crave salt A LOT!)

I ended up taking a cat nap on the couch for a while (gotta love lazy Saturday afternoons) and woke up very hungry, so I had another banana cookie and a full serving of Triscuits.  My tummy was rumbling hard, but calmed down a bit after the snack.

Dinner was cooked by the husband.  I had a tasty meal of two slices of orange marinated pork tenderloin, 1/3 cup couscous (instant – he loves this stuff!), and 1/2 cup of sautéed kale and apples (sautéed with white balsamic vinegar and very yummy!).  I followed that with half a graham cracker topped with 1 dark chocolate Hershey’s bliss.

Then again at 8:30, I had my yogurt with my pill.

My total today was around 1600.  I had a lot of hungry moments today, and my workout was hard so that may have caused it.  But all in all, I’m happy with 1600 calories a day.

I am thrilled that this was my last day of recording every bite!  Stay tuned for my analysis and goal setting.  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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