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Updates and happiness

on July 16, 2014

I have exciting news!  But before I get to that, a few updates are in order.

  1. My mother-in-law’s surgery, while more difficult than expected (though are surgeries ever easier than expected??), was successful.  She is resting as best as she can and I’m sure anxious to get out of the hospital and on the mend.
  2. Getting the dog into doggie rehab is harder than expected.  Thankfully she has not had any major pain episodes since this weekend.
  3. Skin allergy testing is cruel and usual. My back is covered in stickers and tape!  Barely any skin visible.  You know how annoying it is when you have a band-aid over a joint – like on your finger or knee?  Imagine that annoyance times 100 – and on a major part of your body!  Moving is possible, but awkward.  Plus ever since they put it on me, I’ve had a burning sensation and itching on my back.  I guess that’s expected when they put a bunch of chemicals and preservatives on your back to test for allergic reactions.  Tomorrow morning I finally get these stickers off – and I can’t wait!!
  4. I’m still going strong on the 21 day fix.  I can tell this week is going to be rough, but I must power through.  Stress = tired = want to eat constantly!  And I can’t workout until Friday afternoon due to the allergy tests, so healthy eating and portion control must be a priority to me.  It’ll be tough, but I can do it.  I need to do it!

Ok, now that the updates are out of the way, let’s focus on something positive and happy!

A fabulous fellow blogger, and a great inspiration to me, nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogging Award.  I am truly honored!  Thank you Vegas Mother Runner!  (If you haven’t checked her blog out yet, do it!  She’s fantastically inspiring!)

So, with this award I have a few tasks.

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you. (Thank you again Vegas Mother Runner!!)
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  • Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.


Seven facts about me:

  1. I have a ridiculously scientific mind.  While I absolutely love writing, I’m always thinking cause and effect.  I am fascinated by how the body works, how medicine heals, surgical procedures, etc.  Whenever anyone I know is ill or injured, I immediately think of the anatomy and physiology of the disorder.
  2. As a kid, I refused to wear jackets and dresses.  I would freeze in the winter because I hated wearing coats.  And while this is typical of toddlers, I did this through MIDDLE SCHOOL!  Can you imagine a 13-year-old shivering in the cold because she refused to wear a coat?  Doesn’t make much sense, but that was me.
  3. I hate seafood.  Of all kind.  Even the smell of it makes me a bit nauseated.
  4. I love The Container Store and want everything to be uber-organized.  Pictures of perfectly organized pantries, laundry rooms, closets and offices make me swoon.  However, I hate putting forth the effort to do the organization and keeping it organized.  About 2-3 times a year I will get the overwhelming feeling to organize, and take full advantage of it.  But the rest of the time, I’m a slob at heart.
  5. I find workout clothes cuter than non-workout clothes.  Really!  I think a pair of running shorts and cute tank is much more adorable than a pretty dress.  I don’t know why.
  6. I’m afraid of birds.  All birds.
  7. Finally, things I don’t like to admit but are true.  I hate coffee, tea, wine and beer.  I will have a sip of an alcoholic beverage maybe 3 times a year from someone else’s glass.  And it’s fine, but not for me.  I’m not against alcohol.  I just don’t like the taste.  I can’t even stand the smell of coffee, so whenever a friend wants to meet at Starbucks I quickly come up with a non-coffee alternative!  And I’ve tried several different types of tea (including sweet tea – as I am a Southern Girl), and I just don’t have the palate for it.

And my Nominees are (in no particular order):

  1. Thinking About Living
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  13. Abby Has Issues
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  15. The War in My Brain

Thanks again for the recognition and be sure to check out the above blogs!



2 responses to “Updates and happiness

  1. Loved getting to know you better! Although I don’t know if we can be friends since you don’t like coffee or alcohol, haha! Just kidding! Glad to hear your MIL’s surgery was a success and hope your doggie gets feeling better soon!

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