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July 4th recap

on July 7, 2014

The weekend is over, and most of it was spent caring for the sick and injured dog.  I’m pretty sure her tummy issues have resolved, but we are keeping her on probiotics just in case.  Her bulging disc is the main culprit.  And the little rascal won’t stay still!!  Every time I move, she moves.  I think she’s restless/bored, but just ends up hurting herself.  Poor dear!  But she is getting better, so that’s a great thing!

We did get our 4 mile July 4th race in.  I was surprised by how much faster my husband ran than me, or at least I thought he did.  We ran through neighborhood streets and I couldn’t spot him during the run.  So I thought my husband (who never trains more than 2 miles), left me in the dust.  He did beat me, but by only 2 minutes.  I had visions of him pacing around checking his watch wondering where I was.

I did great!  My first mile was tough, but it always is, especially on races.  My body doesn’t respond well going from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat.  So I was feeling it big time during mile 1.  But by mile 2 I was in my groove and felt great.  A bit too great.  I think I ran it too fast because mile 3 was a big time struggle for me.  People were passing left and right.  By mile four I was so excited to almost be done that I cranked up my speed and finished with a time of 34:30, which is about 2 minutes faster than my training time.  Yay!  I was very happy, but wish I would have paced myself better.  I’m horrible at pacing!!

After the race, we cleaned up, went to the grocery store to buy items to grill out.  Even though we had burgers on Saturday and Wednesday of the week, we agreed it was necessary to grill out burgers on July 4th.

The rest of the day was spent sitting as still as possible on the couch so the dog wouldn’t move.  It was like we had a sleeping baby!  We’d wait for her to fall asleep and then tip toe out of the room to do whatever it was we needed to do.  So funny!

Saturday we spent the day at my in-laws on the Lake.  We didn’t go out on the lake, but spent the afternoon sitting on the deck, chatting and eating dinner (burgers again – I’m so sick of burgers!).  We left the dog in a room alone in the home, and she slept most of the day away, which was great.  We brought so much stuff with us, dog beds, blankets, medicine, dog gates, again it was like we had a baby.  Such an odd feeling!

Sunday was a chill day for the most part.  We did go to a deep stretch class which was incredibly beneficial after all the running and carrying of dogs over the week.

Overall, I had a great weekend and holiday!  I hope you all did too!


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