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Books, dogs and diets

on July 3, 2014

I just finished reading The Maze Runner.  I love to read, and I enjoy reading adult lit, but I have a soft spot for young adult lit.  I love the Hunger Games trilogy, blasted through the Divergent trilogy, and am now on to my next trilogy.

For those of you who don’t know the basic story line, it’s about young teenage boys who had their memory swiped and are forced to live in a valley for lack of a better term, form a functioning society, all while trying to find a way back to their normal world through a series of mazes.  It keeps you on edge and wanting to read more.  The boys in the book created their own form of slang, and I find myself using it now.  “Good that” is one that always pops into my head and when I’m going through plans.  It’s the equivalent of “ok” or “got it”.  Good that!

Other news in my life is that I have an injured and sick dog.  Poor thing is miserable!

We spent Sunday night at the Emergency Vet for a probably bulging disc.  She was shivering and whimpering in pain.  It just broke our hearts!  After a lengthy visit, we walked away with 2 medications and a pup that seemed to feel better.

Then, Monday night she wasn’t acting all that well.  After dinner she went into a fit of pain that lasted about 20 minutes.

Tuesday morning, after another fit of pain after eating, and talking to her normal vet and the emergency vet, I took her to her regular vet for a work in appointment.  Several hours later she was diagnosed with a second ailment: gastritis.  We exited with 3 additional medications.

So now I have a sick and injured little girl who has to take medicine about every hour of the day.  She seems to be doing better, but still not anywhere close to feeling good.  My poor baby!!

So that’s been my life in a nutshell this week.  Trying to get in some low impact (to not disturb the dog) exercise at home so I can keep an eye on her, give her meds, cleaning every room except for the den, which has become nothing but a big dog bed, and hoping for signs of healing in her.  Fingers crossed for us!!

I do start my first day of training for the administrator position at my neighborhood Yoga studio today.  I’m excited but I’m not used to having such big chunks of time marked off on my calendar.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it quickly, but right now it gives me a little anxiety.  Luckily my husband can work from home during that time to care for the sickling.

Tomorrow is the 4th.  We don’t have any big plans other than running a 4 mile race in the morning.  Hopefully it won’t be too hot for us.  And hopefully we will all have a relaxing and fun day (dog included!)

Then Monday I start the Beachbody 21 day fix.  One of my dear friends is a coach, and since my eating has been horrendous for a while now, I took the plunge and signed up.  I’ll excited (and a little nervous) to start, but will give you updates along the way.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!  Happy Birthday America!


2 responses to “Books, dogs and diets

  1. Oh, your poor doggie. I hope she gets feeling better!

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