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Organizing Life

on July 1, 2014

I have to get my blog post done a little earlier today so I can watch the US soccer match this afternoon!  Go USA!

So we are focusing on actions now.  Not whining or inspiring words, but true and solid actions.  Change does not come from soul-searching and deep thoughts, but from actions.  (Although the soul-searching and deep thoughts are an important part of change, and life in general!)

This weeks focus is on cleaning out and organizing.  I’m a firm believer that you can not make a positive change when your surroundings are in chaos.  And an overstuffed closet, a messy desk and a pantry stuffed to the brim all bring chaos into my life.

So the steps I’ve taken in my clean out include:

  1. Cleaned out our guest room armoires.  This was my bedroom furniture when I was single, and it has now been relegated to the guest room.  I use the dresser in the guest room for out of season clothing (its full of fleece and jeans right now), but the armoires has become our catch-all.  It had pictures, games, cameras, and things we didn’t even remember we had stuffed inside.  So on Sunday my husband and I pulled out everything from the armoires and placed it around the guest room in organized piles.  What we could toss, like packaging to my Nexus that I’ve owned for 2 years now, we tossed.  Then I’ve been slowly finding new homes for the items throughout the room.  Some have landed on our new bookshelf in the den.  Some I still need to find a home for.  So this project is still ongoing, but a big part of it is done.
  2. Cleaned out our pantry.  There were some pretty old items in there that needed to be tossed out (including items that had expired in 2013 – yuck!!)  I also found that I overbought vanilla pudding mix.  I have 3 boxes!  So cleaning it out will not only help me find things easier, but will help me save a little dough.  I know I don’t need to buy vanilla pudding mix for quite a while (this is not a “staple” in our home, so I have no idea how I got 3 boxes!)

So the armoires is still in progress.  The desk area needs to be started.  And then I have a bin full of pictures, most of them loose, some in albums, that need to be taken care of.  Hopefully I can get this done by the 4th so I can have a clutter free home before the holiday!

Other actions I’ve taken.  Keeping up with my exercise.  I got a little off schedule with my running.  And I need a schedule to keep me running since I’m not a big fan of it.  When I get off schedule, I have a tendency to quit because I have difficulty finding my way back on schedule.  But today I went for a 5 mile run.  This is the longest run I’ve done in a very long time!  I had to stop and walk a few times, but that’s ok, I did it.  I ran 5 miles!  And I’m going to keep up my running, schedule be damned!

And for a girl, this may sound odd, but a big action I took was going to the mall to do a little shopping.  I hate going to the mall.  Well, that’s not true.  I love going to the mall.  But I hate trying on clothes!  My body isn’t exactly where I’m used to it being (aka caring a little extra weight) so trying on clothes and wishing things were a bit smaller is not fun.  And then I hate spending money.  I always feel a little anxious when I part ways with money, no matter how little or how much.  I would rather have a zillion dollars in the bank than a home full of designer clothes.  It’s weird, I know, but it’s true.  Spending makes me anxious.

So today I needed to visit a shop near the mall for some personal care items, so I went in the mall.  And I was happy to see there were sales.  I still get anxiety with sales, but I can easily rationalize spending with good deals.  So I bought 2 new pair of running shorts (so now I have 5 – yay!), a cute running top (I just love running tops!), 3 pairs of casual shorts (in desperate need of shorts that aren’t wicking workout shorts!) and 1 casual tee.  I still need to buy some more clothes since my wardrobe is still lacking in the nicer casual pieces, but I made a good start and hopefully wearing these cute clothes will help boost my confidence a bit.

So there are my actions.  Let’s keep the momentum going!  I’m excited about all that I’ve accomplished so far.  And I’m excited to reap the benefits of life organized!

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