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Action Required

on June 30, 2014

So I realized at our “family meeting” yesterday that I have really slacked off on “Project Me”.

First off, yes, my husband and I are dorks and have a meeting every Sunday afternoon.  We chat about anything and everything, including big life goals, schedules and meal planning.  It’s really kind of helpful to make sure we are sharing responsibilities and on the same page for our upcoming week.  Plus, it helps keep me on my game.

I guess since my husband was out-of-town next week, I slacked off on project me.  I did do some things.

I went through my closet and found just a few things to get rid of – I did a clean sweep a long time ago so I didn’t have too many clothes that don’t fit me anymore hanging around.

I also spent the week as a vegetarian.  And honestly, I have to say, it wasn’t for me.  I did it just to see if there was a difference in how I feel.  If I had more energy, felt healthier, etc.  And really I didn’t.  I only eat lean meats and I don’t eat a lot of it, so maybe that’s the difference.  I’m sure if I was eating steak and pork chops several times a day, I’d feel a difference.  So I’m back on eating a little bit of meat every now and then, with plenty of veggies, whole grains and fruits.  I think that’s the right balance for me!

But as far as figuring out what my next step is in my career/life goals, I really did nothing.  He kept asking me questions and I told him I felt like it was a bad interview.  I would search my mind for something to say but everything that came out really didn’t mean anything.  Bottom line, I had not done or thought about anything career or life goal wise.

So I guess I need to focus on that.  And if you don’t mind, I’m going to use this blog as a test market.

I use it to voice my feelings, as a sounding board so to speak, somewhere to get my ideas and thoughts written down, but I don’t use it for much else.  I need to start using it for action.  Yep.  Action is the key.  You can say all the pretty things in the world but actions what makes the world go round!

I haven’t figured out my actions for this week.  Since it’s a holiday week and my husbands first week back from vacation, I’m kind of wandering around trying to figure out what my routine is again, even though I really don’t want to jump back into my routine.

But I do have actions for the future.  Including:

– Volunteering

– Ladies Social Group Activities

– Exercise, including a July 4th 4 mile race in my hometown on Friday.  I’ve run 4 miles, but race wise I’ve never gone over a 5K.  So I’m a bit nervous but I know I can do it!

– Church Activities

Plus I’ve gotten a small non-paying job to help get my feet back into the working world and help my resume start looking better and better which will start in July.

July’s looking up!  Here’s to more action (but still words – I’m a blogger after all!)


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