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Seven Wants

on June 12, 2014

I’ve been cleaning out the fridge lately.  I had many ingredients that were close to their expiration time, so I’ve been making some random but tasty things.

I bought some buttermilk and completely forgot why and since the expiration date is looming, yesterday I made buttermilk cheddar biscuits and right now I have a buttermilk chocolate chip cake in the oven.  The biscuits are tasty, though I do wish I used mild cheddar instead of sharp.  I’m definitely a sweet girl when it comes to cheeses.  Will let you know how the cake turns out – but it’s hard to go wrong with cake!

I also bought some broccoli slaw mix to make this tasty Asian side dish (on the side of teriyaki meatballs, which were good – but not great, so they didn’t make my “make again” list).  But since it’s just me and the husband, I didn’t use the whole bag of slaw mix.  So today I made a version of one of my favorite broccoli slaws.  I left out the cranberries (I’ve never used whole cranberries – just dried), we don’t have onions in my home due to my husbands allergies, and I didn’t have an apple.  I did have half an orange, which I added, and some pineapple and had half of it as a nice side to my lunch.  The fruit is definitely the best part in my opinion and I’ll probably end up adding some more of it for my next serving.  I still have about a fourth a bag left, so I may make a different version soon.  Yum!

With all of this food, you’d think I’d be blazing through my workouts.  Food = fuel, right?  Well, the heat brings me down big time!  I’m doing great with exercise indoors – but outside, yikes!  The humidity has me feeling like I weigh 500 lbs and my legs don’t work.  So my run has definitely slowed significantly and I’m taking short breaks along the way.  But I’m doing it – average run is now 3 miles, even if it’s just below a 10 minute mile pace!  I’m running, so I’m proud.

Here’s a great article on exercising in the heat.  If you are not used to outdoor workouts in the summer, read this first!  Great tips!


Today’s 10 Day You Challenge – 7 Wants.  This is a mix of fun and deep.

  1. To live a happy and fearless life.  This is broad, I know, but really I think it’s what most of us want the most.  To be happy.  To do things without fear and full of self-confidence.  I do think this is attainable.  It’s difficult, but doable.  So it’s my biggest want and my ultimate goal.
  2. To be able to bike and swim.  I haven’t been on a bike since I was about 12 – so that’s 22 years.  Wow!  I don’t feel old enough to say I haven’t done something in 22 years!  But it’s true.  So I’m a bit fearful (there’s that ugly word) to try again.  They have a bike program around my city where you can rent a bike for 30 minutes and ride.  That’s been on my to-do list since the program started last year.  I guess I need to get a few dates down on my calendar and NOT back out (unless it’s raining).  As for swimming, I took adult swim lessons about 4 years ago and enjoyed my time in the pool.  Since then I’ve just slowly stopped swimming and pretty much forgotten (and yes, I’m afraid to just jump in the pool).  Plus I am having a ton of skin allergies/sensitivities pop up, and I’m sure a chlorine filled bath would not be good for that.  So swimming may need to stay a dream.  We’ll see.
  3. A fully decorated home.  I’ve never had this.  Even growing up, rooms were always in progress.  I love my house and would love to have a fully decorated home to my tastes and not want to change a thing!  Moving from a small condo to a house though, we are slowly decorating since we have to purchase new things (and that can get costly!)
  4. To visit too places: Italy and Costa Rica.  Very different places, but places I think I’d love.  There’s many more places on my vacation bucket list, but those two are on the top for me!

    Costa Rica

    , Costa Rica

  5. Artistic abilities.  I’m horrible at crafts!  I can’t draw a straight line, a circle, anything.  If a project requires dexterity of hands with art, I can’t do it.  I have thrown out so many projects.  They always end up looking like a toddler completed them.  I would love the ability to be artistic.
  6. The perfect wardrobe where I’m never at a loss for what to wear.  Does this really exist though??  There are many suggestions out there on how to build a good wardrobe.  Here are a few articles I enjoyed: Back to Basics: 14 Timeless Pieces You Shouldn’t Live Without, Wardrobe Basics Checklist and The Best-Kept Secrets of the World’s Best Dressed Women
  7. To be an easy runner.  I see so many people, my husband included, who look at ease running, like it’s no big deal.  Me, I’m always struggling, huffing and puffing for air and having a mental argument with myself over whether or not I will give up.  And this is all within the first quarter-mile!  I would love to be able to have a lovely, easy run.  But having been running for years, I just don’t know that my body is built that way.

What do you want??

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