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Book Club Challenge

on June 2, 2014

My challenge for this week won’t actually occur until this weekend.  So I have the whole week to psyche myself up (or freak myself out)!

A few months ago I went to a book club meeting for women in my area.  I found it online and knew no one there, so actually going was a pretty big deal for me.  But I went, I chatted, and I survived and actually enjoyed myself.

I went because I want to make some new friends.  I’ve told the story of how it’s hard for me to make friends before, so I won’t go into another diatribe about that.  If you want to read, check out my blog post here.  In short, being 34, married without kids, and the quiet reserved type is difficult because even though I’m sure there are other women out there like me, they are very hard to find.

Anyway, so I met some lovely girls at the last book club meeting but have not seen or spoken to any of them since then.  I have another book club meeting coming up this weekend so I thought I’d challenge myself to maybe help move this friendship train along.

So my challenge this week is to try to set something up (or at least suggest something) to get together again before the next meeting.

If there are no takers, no problem.  If it’s just talked about and never gets done, ok.  But at least I’ll have made a step in the right direction by showing interest and inviting others.  That’s a HUGE step for me!

On my continuing study challenge, I have studied for one hour today.  Not too bad since I’ve been swamped with meetings, errands, cleaning, exercise, life, etc. today.

What I focused on today was the different ways to measure health.  Most of us just look at a scale.  And that’s a pretty good barometer of our health, but it’s not the whole picture.

For instance, did you know that your waist measurement is a huge indicator for cardiovascular health?

If you store fat around your tummy area, what we normally call the apple body type (scientific name – android obesity), then you are at higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease than if you store your weight in you hips and thighs, or the pear shape (gynoid obesity).


So, two people can be the exact same height and weight, but the one who stores his/her weight in her hips and thighs is much better off health wise than the person who carries their weight in the stomach area.

For women, healthy is a waist circumference (measure at your belly button) of 35 inches or lower.  For men, 39 inches or below is considered healthy.

We all want the perfect little waist and six-pack abs – but cardio is the key to get you there!  Aerobic exercise burns calories.  So go out and get moving!


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