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Study Challenge Results

on June 1, 2014

It’s Sunday evening and as I type this I’m happy yet unhappy with my achievement of my challenge for this week.

Happy because I did study and learn!  Yay!

Unhappy because I feel like I could have done much more.  I got in about 6 hours of studying time this week, 60% of my goal.

Monday (Memorial Day) I completely flaked and didn’t even glance at my books, even though I had time.

Tuesday was back to real life after a lovely long weekend, and, I got in an hour and a half of studying.  Same goes for Wednesday.  Not bad considering I was working AND had a ton of household to-do’s.

Thursday and Friday I had no outside work to do, so I figured I’d bang out a ton of hours in then.  But both days were an hour and a half each.

Saturday – another flake day.

Today, a whopping 30 minutes.

I’m a visual learner so I’m making flash cards.  I spend time reviewing all flash cards I’ve made, then go to my notes and make more.  Today I didn’t even get through all my flash cards in the 30 minutes.  I do think I’m close to the end of the flash cards and once I get through making those I can zoom through my studying!  My study goal this week is to finish all flash cards.

So I didn’t reach my goal of 10 hours, but I did learn that really an hour and a half of studying is about all I can take in a day.  I have the type of mind that either is hyper-focused or hyperactive.  I can focus really hard, and sometimes for hours at a time, zoning out the outside world and all the exists is the task at hand.  Other times I get distracted by the simplest things.  And I think it just depends on my mood and level of alertness, because I really haven’t found a reason as to what makes me focus more one time than another.

I can become laser-focused on the most mundane things, like making a to-do list.  I don’t hear my husband talking to me, the pitter patter of the dog underfoot, the TV blaring, the phone ringing.  Nothing can snap me out of my focus.

Then I can sit down to read a very interesting book and barely get through a page without zoning out.

Strange.  But that’s me and I have to work within my limits.  So I guess 10 hours a week of studying is doable, if I don’t take any days off.  Which with my schedule is not likely to happen.  I can however, make a promise to myself to study at least one and a half hours every weekday.  That’s not bad at all!

And yes, I did schedule my exam for Tuesday June 24th.  So 24 days to go folks!  Let’s get this thing done! (I can’t wait!)



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