The Cold Penguin

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Goal setting

on May 21, 2014

I’ve been living by winging it lately, and it’s time to get a plan going.

There are times when I like spontaneity, like taking a different route on a walk or drive, or stopping into a new store or restaurant.

Ok, I guess that’s not so much spontaneity as a slight change in my normal routine.


Yes, I’m a routine girl.  I get bored with my routines from time to time, and switch them up for a different routine.  But usually, I have a routine.  And even in my winging it mode of late, I have had a routine.  It’s just not working for me so well.  I clean, I cook, I take care of the dog, but that’s not exciting or inspiring.  Plus, I have some goals I want to reach, and my routine is not heading me in my goals direction.

So what do I want to accomplish?

Career: I want to change careers and get into a better part-time position by the end of the summer.  Lofty, I know.  But if I’m honest, that’s what I want.

Education: I mentioned I am studying for the ACSM Health & Fitness Specialist exam.  Recently the word study is to be used loosely, as I’ve lost a lot of momentum in that area.  Mainly because I don’t have study time in my routine.  So I want to take the exam no later than the end of June and of course, pass.

Family: I want to have more of a connection with my extended family.  I haven’t seen many of my extended family in 3 years until I saw them again at my grandfather’s funeral.  They are great people.  I want to be able to develop a better relationship with them.

I also want to continue to grow my husband and I’s relationship.  We are doing great (I read somewhere the 3rd year of marriage is the happiest – and we are coming up on our 3rd anniversary!) but I want to make sure we are strong and stay strong, as marriage is not always easy.

Attitude: I want to be more positive and energetic.  Some of this will be gained by taking care of myself physically.  The main part will be stress management.  I can become an anxious mess at time which really brings out the negativity and kills the energy.

Physical: Ultimately I would like to run a half marathon.  I’m not sure if my joints can handle it.  And if they can’t, ok.  But I would like to at least try.

Also in this category, I’ve become a bit of a sugar addict as of late.  I need to kick that habit!

Social: I want to continue to challenge myself to meet new people and interact with others through various social situations, including but not limited to book club, volunteer opportunities and fitness classes.

Spiritual: I would like to find a church home.  My husband and I have talked about this but have never put the plan into action.  Time to start acting!

So, my challenges will all be geared toward reaching the above goals.  Some challenges will be long-term and others short.  Some may be more interesting to read about than others (though I will always try to give you something good to read!).  But what better way to challenge yourself than to guide you toward your goals!




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