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Swollen lip saga

on May 19, 2014

This weekend was nice, but alas, as always too short.

We started out Friday evening heading up to my in-laws to participate in a garage sale.  My husband had an item he was dying to sell, and unfortunately at the end of the night, the item was still in hand.  Darn!

And then I awoke Saturday morning with lips that were red, swollen and oh so uncomfortable.  I either have a severe case of chapped lips (my lips definitely tend to run dry!) or it’s an allergy.  I have a ton of environmental allergies that rear their ugly heads in weird ways.  I’ve gotten hives on my chest from what I assume was a pollen allergy, an itchy rash on my face from a possible weed allergy, and now I have swollen lips that is possibly from an allergy.  Ice, antihistamines and some lip balm are helping, but unfortunately I’m not fully healed and the antihistamines wipe me out!  I’m walking around looking a bit like I just ate a cherry popsicle!  Embarrassing!

Saturday my husband was able to finally sell his item, and then he rushed on off to his soccer playoffs.  I would have loved to go watch but with the possibility of an allergen making my lips even worse, I stayed away.  Instead I hung out with the dog, doing nothing in particular.

Sunday was almost a repeat of Saturday.  I did go out for a run on Sunday afternoon and I did great for a while but 12 minutes in my body kept screaming at me to stop.  So I slowed my pace way down and jogged home.  Not the greatest run, but at least I did something.  I think it’s just my body is clearly fighting something, so I tire out a bit easier.

With all this going on I really haven’t had much of a chance to think about anything else.  I have a tendency to rely on medical information on the internet way too much and I look a images of swollen lips to see if they match mine, read message boards and articles about swollen lips.  Nothing really has made anything any more clear.  I just fear if I go to the doctor they won’t know what is going on either, won’t be able to help  and I will just waste $45 copay and of course my time.

It seems like I’m always developing some weird health issue.  At least it’s not anything horrible and just some irritated lips.

So tomorrow I really need to sit down and put some thought into my action plan for the next few months.  I’ve just been winging life lately and it’s been fine, but I feel a bit out of sorts.

I hope everyone is having a great, allergy-free day!


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