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The perfect week

on May 16, 2014

It’s finally Friday!  It’s been a busy week for me and I thought the weekend would never come!  But come 2pm, I’m a free bird – well, as free as I ever really am.

This has been the first full normal week for me in quite a while.  I have a lot to catch everyone up on, and those posts are soon to come.

The last week in April, I was away on vacation to a place I never thought I’d be able to visit.  Paris, France!  It was surreal and I’m still processing it.  I hope to post my Paris recap post sometime next week.

Then after I got back from vacation, my grandfather passed away.  That was a hard time and it too still seems surreal.

Now, I’m finally finished with a normal week and it was exhausting.  I always want to jump all in and do everything perfectly, but that’s not me and that’s not real life.  So it was a bit disappointing, as always, that I didn’t have the “perfect week”.

What is a “perfect week” in my eyes?

  • getting in my fully planned exercise schedule and beasting it!
  • cooking yummy delicious meals every day
  • having energy and being full of joy 24/7
  • having quality time with my husband every night (you know, the type you see in romantic comedy’s – lots of giggling and sharing and snuggling)
  • keeping my home picture perfect clean

Tall order, right?  I guess it’s possible to have a perfect week, but highly unlikely.

I did exercise every day, but I’m a day behind in my running.  Monday I was exhausted so I did a some weight training instead of running.  Tuesday I had a great run, and so I was going to run again on Thursday.  (I always try to have at least a day of non-running activities in between runs.)  Well Thursday was the storm that never ended.  Seriously.  Within 5 minutes of waking up, around 6:35am, we were under a tornado warning.  The tornado actually touched down in a neighborhood a few miles away from my home.  Scary!  So no running.  I did run today, but that means I’m a day behind in my running.

Cooking happened once this week.  This was mainly due to the fact that our fridge broke over the weekend and I didn’t completely trust it was fixed for a few days.  I didn’t want to buy a bunch of groceries only to throw them out again.  So we ate out a lot.  I did cook last night and it was yummy!  Here’s what I made:

Chicken Stuffed with Pesto
Roasted broccoli with garlic
lemon ice cream (I cut this recipe in half and it was the perfect amount for just the 2 of us!)
White chocolate chip shortbread cookies (I was working on some items for a condo we rent out and forgot to check on these cookies so they were slightly overbaked and crispy around the edges, but still yummy!)

Energy has been scarce this week.  Probably due to schedule changes, more demands and responsibilities, and also I have a heart condition that can cause me to just be drained.  So there have been nights I fell asleep on the couch at 6pm.  Really, yes, 6pm.

Falling asleep and being exhausted doesn’t lead to great quality time with the husband.  We are happy and spend time together, but it’s not that perfect rom-com way.

And the house is clean enough, but not picture perfect.

But again, like my Wednesday post said, I’m working on accepting myself as I am now.  I have an ailment that can drain my energy.  That’s ok.  There is nothing I can do about it and even though I wish it wasn’t so, it is.  So I need to allow myself to have time to relax.

And even though I didn’t beast my exercise plan, I worked out every day.  There were days I could have easily laid on the couch and not done anything.  And man there were days I really wanted to!  But I didn’t.  I always did something and gave it my best effort.

You can’t predict appliance difficulties.  We did the best that we could with the situation we had.  It’s ok not to cook every night.  We were fed and that’s what is important.  Plus I did make an awesome meal last night!

My husband and I are doing great.  Every night doesn’t have to be a tickle-fest.  Having just a great kiss hello (or goodbye) or holding hands while walking the dog is special.  Those movies are really kind of cheesy anyway!

And the house is clean.  Not picture perfect because 2 people and a dog live here.  But it’s lovely, and safe, and a healthy environment for all of us.

So I guess, really, I did have a perfect week.  I did the best that I could.  And really, you can’t ask for anything more than that.



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