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Was there a weekend?

on May 12, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I didn’t have a weekend at all!  It went by way too fast and we were way too busy to enjoy the majority of it!  So now that it’s Monday, both the husband and I have a bad case of the bummers!

Our weekend revolved around our refrigerator.  We noticed earlier in the week our refrigerator and freezer temperatures were higher than normal, but never at a temperature that would ruin our food, and it eventually fixed itself.  Just to be safe, we made an appointment with a repairman to see if it was running low on coolant or anything like that.

The repair man came, did a quick check and said it was likely due to a power outage we had earlier in the week that caused the “mother board” computer to basically crap out for a while.  Ok, cool.  Fridge working.  Yay!

But on Saturday, just after a trip to the grocery store – guess what happened?  Yep, the temperature starting going up and this time it went quick and high.  The fridge was no longer cold and the freezer was no longer frozen.  Our frozen pizza actually bent in half from being thawed and there were puddles of blueberry juice at the bottom of the freezer from thawed frozen blueberries.  Not fun!

We did lighten the mood by reliving the Fridge episode from Friends.  Do you remember that one?

We joked about pushing anyone who came into our house into our fridge and demanding they buy us a new one!

Luckily we salvaged what we could and were able to transport it to my husbands workplace which is close by and has a full size fridge.  But we did have to toss about 2 garbage bags full of food as well.  Not cool.

Sunday the fridge fixed itself again and is doing fine right now.  We are still having a repairman out this afternoon and hopefully it will be a simple fix and not a “you need a new fridge” fix.  Buying a new fridge is not in our budget right now, but it’s something you must have.  Sigh.  As my husband says, it’s all in the “the joy of home ownership”.  In the meantime, I have the fridge of a bachelor.  Some soda, a few beers, and condiments.  I had to walk to the grocery store at lunch time (so lucky I can walk to a store!) to purchase a frozen dinner and side salad for lunch.  Odd way to live, but it’s doable.   I just pretend I’m living in Manhattan or Paris, where space is limited so a full fridge doesn’t really ever occur.

Happily, we were still able to have a happy Mothers Day.  We had planned a big cookout with homemade desserts (ice cream and cake balls).  We were able to save the meat and cheeses in the fridge fiasco, but the milk, eggs and cream were done.  So dessert came from a lovely local bakery and was yummy.  The burgers were tasty and we all had a great time celebrating our mothers.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, despite what life threw at you this weekend!


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