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Back Pain and Weight

on March 13, 2014

So my day started like this:



Yes, I looked down on my morning walk with the pup, and I was wearing 2 completely different shoes.  Not the greatest sign.  At least I did have on one right and one left though!

So I need to update you on my physical condition.  I think I have some nerve impingement on the sciatic nerve.  It is not fun.  It causes crazy low back pain, and for me a ton of tingling in areas that should not tingle while sitting!  I have heard it can cause a lot of shooting pains, and luckily I’ve only had a few of those.  So after trying to get back to my pre-sick routine, 1 workout and I’m done (for at least a while).  Talk about a downer!

But I’m trying my best to stay positive.  I got a deep tissue massage on Monday and that helped some, though I’m still having symptoms.  So I booked an appointment with a sports chiropractor for next week.  I’m hoping that he will not only help free the nerve, but give me some exercises and stretches to help prevent this from occurring again.

I have weak glutes, so it’s not overly surprising that this happened.  My body type is prone to this – my mother and brother both have fought this so I guess it was just my turn.   I was doing lots of squats, lunges and deadlifts but I guess I wasn’t using the right muscles.  When you lose focus and go through the motion you are used to doing, then that can happen.  Squeeze the glutes, right!  I guess mine weren’t being squeezed.

So no squats, deadlifts, lunges or anything high impact for me for a while.  I am now doing some low impact cardio and I don’t break a sweat, but at least I’m doing something instead of lying around feeling sorry for myself.  I also am doing some upper body strength every other day and stretching 2-3 times daily followed by ice and heat.  I’m hoping to be able to add some ab work next week, and maybe do some gentle, short jogging by the end of the month.  Fingers crossed!!

In the  meantime, I need to stop eating like I am still working out at high intensity for an hour a day.  That’s my focus.  I’m going to start focusing on food intake and that will be my health endeavor for a while.  I’m anxious to get out running and jumping again, but with time.

With time.  Until then, I must find other ways to distract myself.

Unfortunately one of my favorite things to do to distract myself is bake.  So I’ve decided to bake things I am not a fan of, but the hubby is.  I’m not a big mint person, and he loves it.  So chocolate mint brownies, cupcakes, etc. are coming his way.  Lucky boy!  Of course I can make a treat for myself every now and then, but this Tupperware container full of chocolate chip Reese’s Pieces cookies that is sitting on my kitchen table right now are calling my name.  So I have to make ONE serving.  Not 16 scrumptious cookies.  Thankfully the hubby is helping me eat those.

My dream is to be able to indulge every now and then and not feel guilty and not worry about weight.  I guess I could do that now, but I’m already over my “uncomfortable weight” number, and without the aid of raising my heart rate high, and I need to watch those calories.

I LOATHE CALORIE COUNTING!  And I have visions in my head of me just gaining and gaining weight as I get older, possibly have kids, and have joint issues.  Which really makes me anxious and nervous, which makes me turn to food.  Vicious cycle, right?  So food, you and I are in battle.  And I’m going to win!

Challenge for the rest of this week:  Food Diary.  When do I eat, what do I eat, why do I eat it and am I really hungry?

Food diaries are great for really seeing how many calories you are taking in, what nutrients you are lacking, why you are eating and when/where your weak points are.  They are not fun to do.  I have tried many times and failed.  But I need to do this for my health.

Healthier = Happier = More Confidence and more adventures in your life.  My ultimate goal comes with many steps!



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