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Challenge of the Week: Attend a Social Event

on February 24, 2014

Wow, has it been crazy busy for me lately!  I’m in the middle of the craziness as we speak, doing a bit of laundry, getting ready to grocery shop and go to the bank, and doing a little blogging before it’s back to work.  Looking forward to things slowing down a bit, that’s for sure!

So my challenge of the week for healthy snacking was a big bust.  I think I need to wean myself off of crackers, chips and candy (yes, I recently added candy into the mix – yikes!) and take the time to find some healthy snacks that I actually desire and crave.  Because I’m totally the person who would choose Potato Chips, Jelly Beans or even Saltines over eating an apple for a snack.  It’s sad, but true, and human.

Finding healthier options that rival those tasty treats will be difficult, but it’s a semi-goal for me.  Semi-goal meaning there is no deadline, it’s just something I need to put more thought and focus into.

My real challenge this week is going to be attending a social event.  For those of you that do not get butterflies in your stomach, or maybe even get excited about, attending a social event, I am truly and 110% jealous.  I am an introvert with a tendency to be a little anxious.  New situations are not my favorite, especially without my comfort zone with me (husband, family, friends).  But since many of my friends have fallen into the acquaintance category due to life changes (life changes = they now all have kids and I do not), I need to make some effort to meet new people and maybe make a new friend.

I have signed up to attend a ladies event.  It’s a casual and small gathering and I’m scared beyond belief.  I need to do this without my comfort blanket otherwise I’d hide behind them for most of the time, like a shy 3-year-old.  That won’t help me any.  But that doesn’t mean every ounce of my being doesn’t want to back out.  But I won’t.  I’ll go.  I will face my fear, be brave, and go.  I may not make a new friend.  I may not even have a fun time.  But I will conquer my fears.  And I hope to have a fun time and make a new friend.  I’m just trying to NOT have expectations because they make me anxious.


So here’s to trying new things and being brave.  I’ll let you know next week how this challenge worked out!  Wish me luck and any advice on facing social fears would be more than greatly appreciated!


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