The Cold Penguin

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Here we go again

on February 18, 2014

I’ve said this to my husband many, many times.  I am the world’s healthiest sick person.

Translation: Overall, I am healthy.  I have a minor heart condition that only requires one small pill and a yearly cardiologist visit.  But in the scheme of things, I’m healthy.  I am a healthy weight, eat a good diet, exercise daily, no family history of cancer, have always had normal blood tests, etc.  I’m healthy.  Really, I am.

But the small things I do have reek havoc in my life.  Allergies and migraines.  This past week it was migraines.  On Monday evening it attacked me all of a sudden.  And today is the first day I’m not really feeling major symptoms.  Usually migraines last several hours, but mine last several days.  So when I get sick, I GET SICK!

Obviously with migraines, the computer was the last thing on my to-do list.  As well as my goals.  Snacks were crackers.  So I did not meet my healthy snacking challenge.  Workouts did not happen.  I did a lot of napping.

It gets so frustrating.  Every time I start feeling healthy and motivated, something knocks me down and derails me.  But I guess I’m a fighter because I always get back up and keep trying to live my healthy lifestyle.  In the meantime, anyone with some prevention techniques for migraines please share!

Let’s hope that I can stay healthy and get in a good groove.  I’m ready to start living and not lying on the couch hoping one day I’ll feel better!


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