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Challenge of the Week: Eat Healthy Snacks

on February 10, 2014

So I have a bit of blog catch-up to do.  First thing, results of last weeks challenge: attend a yoga class.

Why did I want to take a yoga class?  Well, yoga has been proven to:

  1. improve flexibility & posture
  2. lower your levels of stress and/or anxiety
  3. increase your energy and mood level

as well as many more benefits.  And I desperately need all of these things!

The result: I did it!  At 9:30am on Friday I walked in to a yoga studio for the first time and took a beginner’s level yoga class.  I was a little concerned when I saw that every other person taking the class was at least 20 years older than me.  I was wondering if I was attending a class that helps you maintain normal range of motion in your joints, and not necessarily yoga.  But I was there and had paid, so I shrugged off my concerns and went through the class.

And happily, the class was just what I needed.  It was very gentle and focused a lot on the hips and shoulders, which was great!  While we spent very little time in the traditional warrior poses, planks and down-dogs, I still got a great stretch and really relaxed!  They did “om” a bit which I did not do, but other than that everything was just fine.

And yes, I felt looser, less stressed and more energetic throughout the day.  The class lasted 30 minutes longer than I thought it was going to, which would have been fine if I didn’t have to go to work at 11:45.  So I had to rush out of class and go home, get clean and go to work.  And while I was doing this quickly, I did not feel the normal ball of anxiousness in my tummy that normally occurs when I’m running late.  That pit that eats at me and creates more and more stress was not there.  It was such a free feeling, even though I was rushing to get to work.  It’s hard to explain, but my guess is if you are a yogi, you understand.

So yes, I’m going to take more classes.  I have a few more studios I want to try out before I find my regular yoga routine.  I may even take a class this afternoon if all goes well!

Challenge #2: This week I’m going to eat healthy snacks.

I know this challenge isn’t a good representation of my word for the year: Brave.  But, we are supposed to be snowed in most of the week so getting out in the world will be difficult.  And this challenge is good for me.

I tend to grab crackers or chips for snacks.  I have low blood pressure and constantly crave salty foods.  Plus, they just taste good!  Instead of reaching for the bad snacks, my challenge is to reach for healthy snacks:

  • Fruit
  • Low fat cheese
  • All natural protein bars
  • healthy smoothies
  • a handful of nuts

Nutrition is key to my snack choices this week.  And hopefully this will help me have more energy, feel healthier, and have more confidence in myself (my body image is a bit low today).

So here’s to healthy snacking everyone!  If you have any favorite healthy snacks please share them with me!  I’d love to hear your suggestions.



One response to “Challenge of the Week: Eat Healthy Snacks

  1. healthaddict00 says:

    I have some delicious smoothie recipes if you would like them! They’re super simple and only include 3 ingredients, none of which are sugar (which tends to be put in smoothies and makes the much more unhealthy)

    I like snacking on bell peppers 🙂

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