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Sunday Sweets and Smiles (Week 2)

on February 9, 2014

I’ve been MIA from the blog world for a while.  Not that I haven’t wanted to write, but life was busy, busy and busy this week!  So unfortunately writing had to wait.  Hopefully this week I can find some time to share with you all!

Even though life was hectic, here’s what made me smile this past week:


Yay for sunshine!!  Though most of the days were covered with clouds, every single day there was at least an hour (sometimes more!!) where the sun made its way into the day.  Seeing the sun shine through the windows in our home always makes me smile!  (I am SO ready for spring!)


Family Time.  Last Sunday my family had a gathering for the Super Bowl and this past Wednesday we had a lovely dinner out with the husband’s family.  Family makes the heart grow stronger, so I’m always happy to be able to spend time with these special people.


And finally, cooking!  I have had a good cooking week, and it’s reminded me how much I enjoy cooking.  Here are some of my favorite recipes I made this week:

Kale & Artichoke Soup – perfect for a cold night!

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites – I make these every year for the Super Bowl, but since we were at a party this year, I made them for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.  No matter the event – these are so yummy!

Honey Bourbon Chicken in the Slow Cooker – At least once a week, I make a meal in the slow cooker, and this meal was easy and delicious!

Chickpea Cookies – I realize these are an acquired taste, but I love them!  I am one of those weird people who can eat a completely plain nut (no salt, no roasting, etc.) and love it though.  For those of you who are willing to try something new, I recommend these.  Healthy!!

and a made up a few of my own recipes too which I will share with you later this week.  Creating a successful recipe is so satisfying!

Finally, this song.  It’s cheesy, I know.  But I was having a stressful day, hopped in my car, turned on the radio, and this was playing.  It instantly put me in a good mood as I danced and sang along.  We all have those songs that are guilty pleasures and this is one of mine for sure!!

What made you smile this week?


One response to “Sunday Sweets and Smiles (Week 2)

  1. healthaddict00 says:

    Love it! What made me smile this week? Well let’s see… I tried a few new food recipes which some turned out really good but other’s weren’t exactly what I was hoping for. I’m getting a lot more comfortable in the kitchen which I enjoy. I also finally got my walk in closet! Then today me and my significant other talked things out (we had a really rough week and weren’t talking to each other much) and now things are all straightened out, we had a relaxing night together tonight with our daughter which I enjoyed. I think that’s about it! 🙂

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