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A thought on fitness goals part 2

on January 30, 2014

A while back I wrote a post on fitness goals.  The gist of the post was about how I HATE fitness goals because if I don’t reach the goal, I feel like a failure.  And I often just do what I feel like doing when exercising, so goals are difficult for me to reach if I don’t “feel like” doing the work.

And well, let’s face it, the things I want to improve are naturally the things I don’t do well because I don’t like to do them.  I hate running, stretching and doing upper body work, so I tend to have great difficulty running, burn like crazy with upper body strength, and am a tight mess.  I enjoy plyometric and core work – so my legs and abs are tuff, tuff, tuff!

But to be truly fit and healthy, I need to make sure I work on all aspects of fitness, not just what I like and feel like doing.

Therefore I made fitness goals.

And I’m sad but not shocked to report that not a single one was reached.

Partly because I got sick so my workouts got derailed while I was healing.

But mainly because I forgot and I just did what I felt like doing instead (i.e. plyometric and core work).

So here I am again, making fitness goals.  But this time I need to write them down in the real world, instead of just sending them out to the internet-world.

My strength goals are the same as before.

My strength goals:

  1. 50 regular push-ups (I’m probably at about 20 before burnout right now – I used to be closer to 30 – bummer!)
  2. 50 shoulder presses using 8 to 10 lb weights.  I have incredibly weak shoulders!
  3. 30 reverse flies.  I get knots in my traps and rhomboids a lot so I need to strengthen these muscles to hopefully help prevent those.

My cardio goals:

  1. Start running again and get up to 2 miles by the end of the month.  I haven’t run since November so I need to start slow (and hope for warmer weather!)
  2. Make at least one cardio session non-plyometric (cardio kickboxing, step machine, step class are all great options)

My flexibility goals are the same as before as well.

  1. Sit and Reach: Get back to the excellent range (Here’s a how to do a sit & reach test at home with minimal equipment!)
  2. Stretch chest muscles every day (see number 3 for strength – need to lessen those knots!)
  3. Stretch hip flexors and IT band every day and foam roll after every run.

These are my goals for the month of February.  I may also throw in little fitness challenges for myself to complete to mix things up and will report on my progress regularly.

Even a little bit of work every day will help get you closer to your fitness goals.  And that’s my promise to you (and more importantly, my promise to me).  That I will do at the very least, a little bit (but hopefully a good bit) of work EVERY day in February to get me closer to my fitness goals.

ex motivation

Wish me luck (again!).  I already have them written down so I can remember them!


One response to “A thought on fitness goals part 2

  1. Good luck with the goals! I agree it is hard to stick with it – I do the same thing. Here sto both of us making a difference 😉

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