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The habits of dogs

on January 24, 2014

We all know I am a dog person.  And I absolutely adore my pup.


Isn’t she just so cute??

Even though I unconditionally love her (as she does me), I will also be the first to admit she has some weird habits.

One of her oddest behaviors (for a dog) was demonstrated on our walk yesterday morning.

Dogs greet each other by sniffing each others behinds.  This is pretty common knowledge for even non-dog people and the butt (ha-ha!) of many dog jokes.

But my pup HATES it when other dogs sniff her rear and will do anything to keep them from doing so.

Yesterday she met a friendly dog who was in training.  The owner asked if the two dogs could meet so he could get her practice on being calm in doggy social situations.  My 13-year-old pup is very calm with other dogs, so it was no problem.

And the dog-in-training did great.  They sniffed each others muzzles and were fine.  Then came the test.  The dog-in-training made a move for the rear.  My little cutie did her normal defensive stance.  She basically cuts the other dog off in her tracks so she can not reach the rear.  It’s a bit of an aggressive move, but the other dog was fine.  She tried a few more times to go for the rear, but mine did her trademark “no” move, and they settled on sniffing each others faces.

I know I’m not alone in having a dog with different habits.  Here are a few posts I found that touch on the topic.

Eko’s spa day (and a description of his petting needs)

Dirty dog habits by Taylor Grace (dogs and their fascination with toilet water)

Is Your Dog Crazy? 15 Nutty Behaviors Explained by CBSNews


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