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It’s time to act, not just dream

on January 17, 2014

If you look through the 60-odd blog posts I have on here, you will see that it is all over the place.  I guess you could say I’ve been struggling to find my blogger-voice.  But the one common thread through the majority of my posts is goals, hopes, aspirations and planning.  Basically, it’s me daydreaming online.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with daydreaming.  Online is really the only place I allow myself to daydream, to dare, to let my desire take control.  In reality, I’m pretty predictable, present-minded and a so-so pessimist.  This is what I show the world, but it’s not who I really want to be or truly am on the inside.  Yes, I’m always going to be cautious.  My anxious personality will never let me throw away all inhibitions.  And I am 110% fine with that.  But, I do not like that my anxious personality keeps some of these dreams locked up in the blogosphere.

So it’s time to stop writing about things I want to do, and do them.  To make my true hidden self match up a bit better with what I show the outside world.  Because, to be honest, if I take an honest look at how the real world sees me, I would not be pleased.  It would not be bad, but just not who I want to be.  And shouldn’t they see who I want to be?

world sees me

It’s little things that really make a difference.  Instead of sitting around the house all day, get out among people.  (Although I am purposely avoiding places right now to avoid the widespread flu epidemic – yikes!)  Face a few fears (not all – let’s not get too unrealistic here!) and go with it.  Enjoy my time, whether I’m alone, with my husband, family, friends or strangers.  And then, after my fears start dropping out of sight, then maybe I will be who I want the world to see.

Are you with me?  Do you need some more motivation?  Check out this TED talk.  Very inspiring!



One response to “It’s time to act, not just dream

  1. jetgirlcos says:

    You said “And shouldn’t they see who I want to be?” Yes! I love that thought. It’s worth repeating every day. 🙂

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