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Frumpy Days

on November 19, 2013

I’m having a frumpy day.  Yes, I’m wearing sweats but that’s nothing new for me.  The frumpiness is from the way I feel, not what I am wearing (although it is pretty frumpy – wardrobe matches the mood!)

I just feel out of it.  My mind is wandering and I’m not focused on what is right in front of me.  I’m forgetting things, I’m getting overwhelmed and frustrated, and all I want to do is snuggle up in bed and sleep.

cat bed

That’s a frumpy day for me.

Of course, if I did change my clothes and attempt to change my mental stay to be more focused and calmer, then I’d probably be feeling a bit less frumpy.

But you know what?  Everyone always talks about pulling themselves out of bad moods and slumps.  And I agree that’s important if you have a big event coming up, or if you have been down for a while; but if you are just having an off day, then let yourself have an off day.

As long as you are not mean to anyone, can get all your necessities done that day and are not harming yourself or others, then be a little frumpy.  Put on your comfy sweats, curl up on the couch, watch tv and forget all that bothers you with the outside world.  Just don’t get too comfortable with your frumpiness, and you’ll be just fine!  Tomorrow will be a great, non-frumpy day!



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