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Exercise in Review

on November 16, 2013

Ok, my goals.  Um, not so much.  I told you from the start I’m not good following fitness goals.  I’m more of a “do what I feel like doing today” exercise kind-of girl.  But I still want to focus on my goals.  Maybe this coming week?

I still did lots of exercise though, so I am not disappointed in myself!

Here are a few of my favorites this past week.

Every now and then, I need a dance type routine.  You know, like they did in the 90s?  The problem is, I’m not a dancer in the least.  I spent my childhood years in gymnastics, so my body is trained to tighten up, stay straight with pointed toes.  Swinging hips was a no-no and incredibly hard for me to do.  I look crazy when I try to dance, so taking any dance type class in public is out of the question.  But, I do them at home and look silly, have fun and burn calories in private.

This one by Christi Taylor is one of my favorites.  You can change-up the intensity to fit your needs, it makes me sweat and is fun.  Some of the moves totally take me back too!

If you are short on time, try this video from FitSugar.  It’s PlyoJam – which is a combination of plyometrics and dance moves, and a lot of fun!  It just under 11 minutes, you can get your heart pumping!

If you are looking for six-pack abs, this Cardio + Abs routine from Peanut Butter Fingers will definitely help you get there.  I did this routine in about 22 minutes and man were my abs burning (which I LOVE!).

cardio abs

Finally, a full body toning routine that I created myself.  GASP – yes, I made up my own routine.  I was unable to attend my group exercise classes for personal reasons, so I made my own class at home.  It definitely made me sweat and the arms portion – ouch!

Full Body + Cardio

Hope this inspires you to go workout!
Happy exercising everyone!





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