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An ode to my dog

on November 15, 2013

For those of you who are currently or have ever been pet parents, you understand the intense bond between a person and animal.  People who are not “pet people” are really missing out!  The love, the joy, the fun – it’s priceless.  And today I’m incredibly grateful for my beautiful, loving dog.

She is soon to be 13 years old, and I’ve had her since she was 1.  She is a rescue, but was perfect from the start.  Though she had an insatiable appetite that often led her to stealing food, she never once chewed on furniture or clothing, growled at another human being (unless threatened) and I can count the times on one hand she had an accident inside.  She’s just been willing and ready to please from the start.  So I realize I got incredibly lucky with the minimal amount of training and discipline I had to do.

About a year ago, at one of her “senior” checkups, we found that her kidney levels were a tad high.  We went through re-testing, urine tests, adrenal tests, and more, and all we knew was that her kidney enzymes kept elevating for no apparent reason.  So the vet decided to put her on a prescription diet for renal disease.  Her food now costs an arm and a leg, but boy is it worth it!

We noticed that she was definitely perkier after switching her to the new food.  She didn’t nap as much, was more energetic on her walks and even wanted to run every now and then.  It was like we got our puppy back, when we thought she was turning into a slower elderly dog.

So when we went to get her quarterly renal panel done, we were hoping for good results, but still nervous as we’ve been through so much with her this past year.

This morning it was off to the vet.  She had to fast so she was already on edge since breakfast and dinner are two of the best parts of the day, and one was missed.  She hates small rooms and is used to getting prodded and poked at the vet now, so she was not a happy camper.  Waiting for the vet tech to get her equipment, this was her go-to position, staring at the exit.

vet pic

I love how she looks up at the doorknob!  It’s like she’s thinking “come on human, pull this knob and we can be free!”

After a blood pressure check and a quick needle, we were off.  Then a few hours ago we got the call.  And we are so happy that her renal enzymes have lowered and/or stabilized!  We are so happy – that food is now priceless in our book!  We obviously still have to monitor her but it looks promising that our little girl isn’t quite as close to be “elderly” as we thought!

So yay to healthy pets!


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