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A thought on fitness goals

on November 11, 2013

I’m not one to make many fitness goals.  Usually the farthest I’ll go with my goals is to run a certain length race.  And that’s only to keep me running.  If there’s no race, there’s no motivation for me to run.  But I naturally find motivation in exercising every day – like the way I feel afterwards, to keep me healthy, to keep a healthy weight, and it can be fun.  So I’ve never set what I would consider real fitness goals.

But I think I’m going to try.  I hesitate to do this because I don’t want to go into an all-or-nothing state of mind.  If I can’t do everything I set out to do, I might as well do nothing.  Then my goals would end up hurting me more than helping me.  And I tend to be an all-or-nothing type of person, so I need to get that thought out of my head.

The main rule for my goal is I do what I can.  Everyone always says you should make time for exercise, and it’s true.  But there are some days where we just can’t add anything more into our time.  There are some days when all we have is 10 minutes free to do anything besides work and responsibilities.  So my rule is, even if I have 2 hours of exercise planned for the day, I’ll take those 10 minutes and do what I can.  I will not blow off exercise because I can’t do all that I planned.  Some of the fittest people I know are crazy busy with full-time jobs, toddlers, family and friend obligations, and they obviously take those 10 minutes seriously.  So will I.

Right now I see the love handles starting to creep in.  I guess that’s just where my body wants to gain weight right now, as they’ve never been an issue before.  But that’s fine.  I can conquer love handles.

So outside of my exercise classes where I have no say in what I do (and I love that), I will be focusing on cardio and abs.

I am running to stay in good shape for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  I will also find other ways to add cardio in (most likely my favorite go-to YouTube videos).  Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my run days.  (We may get snow on Wednesday, so Sunday is my backup run day for weather issues.)  I will also do 25 minutes of additional cardio on those days (my runs are short) in the manner of my choosing and at least 10 minutes of ab work.

Tuesday and Thursday’s are my group exercise classes.  So, on those days I will add an additional 15 minutes of cardio of my choosing, and add in additional strength if I did not do the exercises in class (see goals below for exercises I will work on).  Most likely I will do 10 minutes of abs, as I never get enough abs in class.

My strength goals:

  1. 50 regular push-ups (I’m probably at about 20 before burnout right now – I used to be closer to 30 – bummer!)
  2. 50 shoulder presses using 8 to 10 lb weights.  I have incredibly weak shoulders!
  3. 30 reverse flies.  I get knots in my traps and rhomboids a lot so I need to strengthen these muscles to hopefully help prevent those.

My cardio goals:

  1. Work up to 4 miles before the Turkey Trot.
  2. Work up to 6 miles before my birthday.
  3. Get at least 90 minutes of free choice cardio in a week (outside of running and classes).

My flexibility goals (man do I need to work on this!):

  1. Sit and Reach: Get back to the excellent range (Here’s a how to do a sit & reach test at home with minimal equipment!)
  2. Stretch chest muscles every day (see number 3 for strength – need to lessen those knots!)
  3. Stretch hip flexors and IT band every day and foam roll after every run.


So there we go, my goals.  I am still hesitant.  I am sure I will be reporting back to you that I didn’t reach my daily goals and that makes me cringe.  I hate not meeting goals.  But I need to get these out there to push my improvement and to make me start thinking of what I need to do.  Again, if I have a crazy day and take the 10 minutes and workout, that’s a success!  A little bit is better than nothing at all.




6 responses to “A thought on fitness goals

  1. lizabethgee says:

    Those are fantastic goals, stick to them! Mind over matter. -Elizabeth

  2. This sounds totally doable to me. Since you’re already used to and enjoy exercise, it’s fitting that you’ll be able to accomplish your goal. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m not doing great, but not doing bad either. It’s the “I have to do this” today that is a struggle for me. I always end up doing what I feel like doing, which doesn’t always create the best results. Thanks for the vote of confidence though – I needed that to get me back on “goal” track.

      • You’re welcome! And I can relate to that. It helps sometimes when I think about how I’ll feel after I do it vs how I’ll feel if I don’t do it. And I also just remind myself that if I work out it’s solely for my own benefit, and that it definitely will be a great benefit! Good luck 🙂

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