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Meal Week in Review

on November 8, 2013

I’m still in my not so pleasant mood, but instead of focusing on the nonstop crazy things that have been happening this week, I’m trying to stay positive.  And instead of boring you with another of my “I need to stay positive” posts, I decided to write about food.  Because food makes me happy!

I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a cooking rut, but that’s probably because I haven’t had as much free time to cook/bake for enjoyment.  I’ve just been cooking out of necessity.  We need to eat.  And that’s just not as fun as the true joy of cooking just to make something yummy and satisfying.  Next week should be lighter for me, so hopefully I can have some fun in the kitchen then.

Where I’ve been in the biggest run is breakfast.  My hubby doesn’t eat breakfast unless he works out in the morning.  And since he’s nursing an ankle injury, no workout and no breakfast.  I usually just make one serving of breakfast a day.  That means I’m looking for quick, easy and using very little dishes.

When I saw this recipe for protein pancakes from Peanut Butter Fingers I thought I’d give it a try.  The first time I made it, I’ll admit I was a huge fan.  But I thought it had potential and kept trying different variations.  Well, somewhere along the line I got hooked on these little pancakes and I’ve made myself one almost every morning this whole week.  I leave out the sugar, add at least a teaspoon of cinnamon, top with light maple syrup, and yum!  Easy, little clean up and perfect for just one person!

I did make some Greek Yogurt pancakes this morning to try and get myself out of my happy rut, but they just weren’t as satisfying as my protein pancakes.  I guess sometimes a rut isn’t a bad thing.

I rarely actually cook lunch but stick to frozen veggies, fruit and sandwiches.  I want to try to cook lunch.  Not a full on 30 minute cook, but a quick cook lunch would be nice.  Anyone have any suggestions on that, please let me know!

For dinner, I did make some yummy recipes this week.   Sunday night was leftover night.  I defrosted some baked spaghetti I had made a while back.  This is my absolute favorite spaghetti recipe to make.  I do substitute ricotta cheese for cottage cheese because I am not a fan of cottage cheese.  It’s still moist and tasty.

I had been craving biscuits for quite a while now, so I knew I needed to make biscuits.  And since a biscuit is not one-serving friendly for breakfast, and I didn’t want to eat biscuits all week, I decided to incorporate them into dinner with this comforting Chicken Pot Pie Crumble recipe.  The biscuit part was amazing!  You can get by in only making half of the biscuit recipe and have enough for the pot pie.  I made the whole thing and my husband and I ended up snacking on biscuit crumbles while the meal was baking, and I ate a bunch the next day too (which is probably why I’m feeling a bit bloated today!).  So they are now in the freezer but they are oh so yummy!  The Pot Pie was great too – I replaced the peas with broccoli and left out the onions due to the husband food preferences.

Every now and then, I make a homemade pizza.  They are rarely as good as what we can get out, so I stay away from pepperoni or anything that we would normally get at our favorite pizza place.

Since I had all the ingredients (except for the pizza dough – which is an easy purchase at Trader Joe’s), I made this Sausage and Red Pepper pizza.  I used precooked sausage from El Fresco – the roasted pepper and Asiago flavor chicken sausage and some roasted red pepper I had on hand.  It was great!  My husband and I devoured the whole pizza.

Happy Cooking everyone!




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