The Cold Penguin

expanding the box

A mental escape

on November 7, 2013

Before I begin, I must confess.  I’m having a bad mood day.  I’m tired, I’m frustrated, and I’m ready for the weekend.  I have had a zillion things to do lately, and even the little things are becoming big issues in my tired and frustrated eyes.

That’s why I spent 20 minutes reading posts about being grateful before I sat down to read this.  I needed that reminder that things are good.  I need to remember that just because my stomach churns when I hear the ping of yet another text message coming through asking me to add more onto my crazy schedule, that in the grand scheme of things, everything is ok.  And it was uplifting to read about how people are so thankful for their family, their health, their future opportunities.  It helps me better my yucky mood into something a little less yucky.

And I am grateful.  Even in my snappy, irritable state, I am so thankful I have the love of a great man, the sweetest dog, a loving and supportive family, my health, the opportunity to work to help better my future.

Another thing that helps pull me out of this funk is thinking into the future for positive activities.  Not too far into the future, but thinking of our winter vacation.  We always go somewhere warm to escape the winter cold.  Usually these trips involve white sand and blue oceans, sunshine and breezes.  It’s just what I need right now.  And even though we are not leaving for our winter vacation anytime soon (darn!), the mental image of myself in tropical paradise is enough to help me calm down.  And enough to help me realize how lucky I am that I do get to travel to these lovely places.

So for the rest of the day, I will be physically at home and work, but mentally, I will be here:



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