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A workout and some inspiration

on November 6, 2013

Even though it’s only the 6th, with NaBloPoMo, I’m finding it challenging to write a blog post every day.  Some days I don’t have anything overly interesting to share and other days I barely have enough time to eat, let alone write.  But I persist nonetheless.  Because even though it’s only day 6, I am finding the daily writing rewarding and cathartic.  It’s nice to find the time to jot down some thoughts, even if they aren’t always mind-blowing, earth shattering, life changing thoughts.

Today I did a fun and very challenging workout.  I was wishy-washy on whether or not I wanted to run today, even though it’s a run day for me.  My exercise class yesterday was spent mainly doing running drills, so I was a bit runned-out.  But again, I persisted.  I did a warm-up and felt good to go.  My workout incorporated this FitnessBlender video.

Fitness Blender 20 Minute Ladder HIIT Workout

I did the warm-up and the first 60 second ladder portion as a pre-run activity.  I run better if I have my heart rate already going before starting, and this definitely go the heart pounding.

Then I ran at a moderate pace for 1 mile, and followed that with 6 speed intervals where I ran at a fast pace (not as fast as I usually do – I credit this to my previous day’s workout) for 1 minute and then jog slowly for 1 minute.  It was definitely a challenge.

I walked for about 5 minutes and went back to the Fitness Blender video.

This time I did the 50 second drills, then took an extended break to do 10 army crawls.  Back to the video for the 40 seconds, 10 army crawls, 30 seconds, 10 army crawls, and then finished up with the 20 second and 10 second straight through, and did a good 5 minute cool down from Fitness Blender as well. 

Man was I a sweaty beast!  My workout mat was covered in drips!

But it was a great way to start the morning and I was happy I decided to run because the weather was beautiful!

On another note, this morning as I was walking the dog, I ran across something else beautiful.  Yes, the leaves are still lovely, but it wasn’t that.  It was this bench on the street curb outside of someone’s home.


It says:

“this bench does NOT discriminate based on race, age, gender, sexual orientation or whether you have a HOME!  …rest a spell.  Love, your neighbors.”

I live in a very diverse neighborhood.  There are low-income rentals near multi-million dollar homes, interspersed with average/middle-income family homes and townhouses.  There are tons of businesses around where people of various backgrounds, incomes, etc. frequent, and many of the neighborhood churches host weekly soup kitchens.  So on the average day, I could walk by a CEO, a Marketing  Manager, a Cashier and a homeless person with the span of a few blocks. 

I love the diversity of my neighborhood!

During this time of year, I always think about how much I want to give to those less fortunate.  All the food drives, toy drives, clothing drives and everything drives make me want to give, give, give to everyone.  I was brought up to always give.  We never threw anything out someone else could use.  It was always donated.  So it’s engrained in me to give year-round, but especially during the holidays.

And this desire to give can become overwhelming, because I can’t help everyone or give to every organization, even though I want to.  But this bench, this beautiful bench, reminds me that you can do a ton of good through one simple act.  By giving people a place to “sit a spell” (yes, I live in the South) and painting that message for all passersby’s to see, those people are doing worlds of good!  And all it took was a bench and some paint.

Makes you think, what great things can I do with the little resources I have?  Holding the door for someone, picking up litter in the neighborhood park, or even just a smile.  Those little things make a world of difference, just like an old bench!


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