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A little bad and a little good

on November 5, 2013

So today has been one of those days.

I reached for the pork in the fridge, and knocked over an almost full but open can of Orange soda.  And even though I promptly cleaned it up, there is still a slight orange color on the floor of the fridge.  Makes you think twice about drinking orange soda if it can stain  a fridge so easily!

I went to care for a cute little 9 week old puppy – sat her in my lap with a toy and played and loved.  So sweet and fun, until I saw a flea jump onto my arm!  I came home and promptly took my second shower of the day and even though I probably came out clean, I still feel like my head is infested and scratch at it a lot.  It’s like when you think you came across poison ivy, and all of a sudden everything itches!  The mind is a powerful manipulator, right?

Then I went to turn in something to a client’s apartment office and had to wait 20 minutes while they were off showing apartments.  Luckily I didn’t have anywhere to be and could wait without consequence, but it was still annoying to have to wait.  Thank goodness for the solitaire app on my phone.  I won three games straight!

But on the plus side, I had a kick-butt workout at the gym and survived, had time to eat lunch at a reasonable hour without my blood sugar dropping or suffering from “hangry”.  And now I’m going to spend some time reading other wonderful blogs while the laundry is going.

don't sweat

So all in all, not so bad.  Perspective is a beautiful thing!


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