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Hunger and mood

on November 4, 2013

I started out happy and energetic.  The sun was already up when I woke, which is a great advantage of Daylight Savings Time and I had a great deal of time to get my normal morning routine done.

I even stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful changing leaves during my morning dog walk.

Fall ColorsFall Colors 2

And the pup still has her nose glued to the ground.

Dog sniffing

Must Find Squirrels!

But then it happened.  One of the worst things that can happen to me – hunger pangs when I’m not able to eat.  Pretty much once I headed out for work, the tummy started grumbling.  And I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat for another 2 hours at least!  Oh my – so I gulped as much water as I could and focused on work.

I did fairly well, being happy and friendly during my work.  But once I got home, man did the “hanger” hit me!  I was moody, tired and irritated at anything and everything that kept me one second away from my food.

Have you ever been “hangry?”


I read a NY Times article on the topic.  It’s not a new phenomenon by any means, it’s just talked about more (isn’t everything though?).  There is not much research into the reason why hunger makes you cranky, but there is a theory.

Animals become highly alert when they become hungry in order to find and hunt for food.  So it seems fair to say that early day man had the same instincts, and they just haven’t faded away over time.  When modern-day humans become hungry, their focus is driven towards food and only food, while everything else is just an annoying deterrent from satisfying their hunger.  Thus, encountering any deterrent makes you “hangry”.

So now that I am fed, I’m still recovering from the anxiety and jitters that I had while hungry.  Maybe after a little digestion, I can move on with my day in a good mood!

Do you suffer from “hangry”?  What do you do to keep it at bay?


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