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Bad days and Thanksgiving Planning

on November 3, 2013

My exhaustion yesterday really threw me for a loop.  I am proud to say I only had a sip of caffeine post 1:30 when I wrote my post, and honestly, I didn’t enjoy it.  I did have another fun sized candy bar though, and half of a S’mores brownie that I got from Dean & Deluca.  Yeah, lots of sugar!  But I’m focusing on the positive – less caffeine!  And with all that sugar running through my blood, I promptly fell asleep at 8:45pm.  Crazy, right?

But today I’m doing better after my 11 hours of sleep.  I worked out, I haven’t had too much caffeine and have not had any fun sized candy bar, brownie, cookie, or anything sweet besides the 4 Jelly Bellies I just ate.  One of them was marshmallow flavored which is surprisingly good.

So you have a bad day, you just try to make it through as well as you can, and pick up the next day with your normal routine.

I find so many times people have a bad day and let that spiral into a bad few days, a bad week, bad weeks, bad months, etc.  Just because you fell down once (or maybe twice), doesn’t mean you should give up.  Especially if it’s your health and happiness you are fighting for.  If nothing else, that’s worth a little extra effort than a simple shrug off of your goals because you gave in and ate too much or skipped a few exercise sessions.

Live, learn and move on.  It’s all we can do in life.

And my moving on is focusing on having a great Thanksgiving with my hubby!  We pulled out the one Thanksgiving decoration we have today.

thanksgiving turkey

Why is it that there are so few Thanksgiving decorations?  Besides goofy looking turkeys, which you can see we have our one, there’s nothing.  It kind of makes November a blah month for me.  You go from the spooky Halloween decorations to just waiting for the happy Christmas decorations to appear.  And I’m against decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving is through.  One holiday at a time for me, please!

So I’m trying to find more ways to decorate for Thanksgiving.  Any suggestions?  They would be greatly appreciated!

And I proposed the idea to my husband that we start a Thanksgiving tradition of our own.  We are already starting to run the Turkey Trot this year, and my brother is joining us which is great.  But I wanted some just me and him time this year, so we are going to have our own pre-Thanksgiving dinner (I need to come up with a better name than that though!)  We figured we’d roast a chicken (because we might get sick of turkey) and make some of our favorite sides and a special dessert, and have a special dinner just the two of us.  We are still planning this so more details to come, but I’m excited!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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