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Tomato Thursday?

on October 3, 2013

Hi everyone, I’m Ashley and I’m a dog addict.  I have a beautiful and sweet dachshund/beagle mix who is a source of sheer joy in my life.  I adopted her from a rescue group almost 12 years ago.  She will be “turning” 13 this December (vet appointed birthday).  Everyone who meets her, loves her.  She’s just an all around great dog.


At her annual checkup last May we found out her kidney enzyme levels were a bit high.  After a bunch of tests to figure out why, the vet finally diagnosed her this Fall with early stage kidney disease.  Since her levels are still slightly elevated and her urine samples are always clear, we are just doing dietary changes and monitoring right now.  She has been on her high carb prescription (expensive!) diet for a few weeks now and man have I noticed a difference!

She used to lay around all day napping.  She would change locations, sometimes napping in the den, sometimes in front of the storm door, and sometimes on the deck, but always asleep.  Now, she wakes up and wants to do things.  She has started playing and wandering around the house.  And on the deck, she has started sniffing and watching the goings on in the yard (i.e. birds).  And while I’m happy that she is feeling better and more energetic, it’s a bit of a pain to have to check in on her every few minutes to make sure she isn’t getting into trouble.  It’s almost like having a puppy again.

Well, today she did get into trouble in the few minutes I wasn’t watching her.  I’ve always had herb gardens and flowers, and she has never even seemed the slightest bit interested in them.  Today she decided that she would try to nibble our tomato plant!  Tomato leaves and stems are very toxic to humans and pets alike.  Luckily we don’t think she ingested much (maybe a bite or two), but still, not fun.  So now I wait on a call from the vet as she researches what I need to do (if anything) to care for her while checking to make sure she’s breathing every few minutes.

It’s been about an hour and she seems just fine.  She knows she has done something bad so she’s a bit mopey and sad, but other than that she wants to do her normal thing.  So I’m sure she’s going to be just fine, but that little bit of doubt in my head keeps me from going out and doing my normal routine.  Luckily I got all my must-do’s done this morning so I can stick around the house and watch her.

But geez, after all these years, the little bugger decides to try to snack on a toxic plant!  What a mess!  I love her so much though!!

Ok, so that’s why it’s Tomato Thursday.  In reality, it’s Tabata Thursday.  My Tabata’s today are light, because (yay!) I was able to take my cardio-strength group exercise class this morning with minimal toe discomfort.  While it’s not completely healed, it’s healed enough for sneakers and with lots of gauze and cotton balls protecting my toe, I can do most exercises.  Yay for healing!

TABATA 1: alternate jumping jacks and push ups

TABATA 2: alternate crunches and burpees

TABATA 3: hold a side plank and alternate sides each round

Complete 1, 2, or 3 rounds of this for a fun and sweaty TABATA routine.

Links of Interest

ASPCA comprehensive plant list (toxic and non-toxic to pets):

Kidney Disease in Dogs:

Why You Should Try Tabata Training:


2 responses to “Tomato Thursday?

  1. Sarah (Shh...Fit Happens) says:

    Sounds like a great TABATA circuit!! Glad your pup is ok!

  2. hello cold penguin its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for stopping by for tuckers birthday week!!! yore pup luks verry kyoot kuddling her jiant bone!!! my brother tucker has kidney ishyoos too just wun among his menny konserns but he has never tried to eet tomato stems or leeves as far as i no so thats gud!!! ennyway we wil all try to stik to the deelishus red parts of the tomato insted!!! ok bye

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