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Whatever Wednesday

on October 2, 2013

I always feel a little more tired and lazy on Wednesdays.  I start out the week on a strong foot, and by Wednesday I’m a little bit over my day-to-day routine.  Wednesdays are days I need to spice things up, mix up my routine, and reinvigorate myself so I can finish the week off on a good note.

One of the ways I do that is allow myself to do whatever I want to do.  Whether it’s spending a little more time watching television, going bargain shopping or doing something athletic.

Sometimes I just play on the computer a little more than normal.  I watch whatever is trending on YouTube or spend a little extra time on Pinterest.  It’s crazy how just doing something as little as that for an extra 20-30 minutes can really revive you.  But it works for me, so I’m not complaining!

Here are a few little distractions from your normal Wednesday routine to hopefully brighten your day and help you finish off the week strong.

I love this Claire Danes Audi commercial!  I am in no way affiliated with Audi, but it was a very well done and clever commercial.

Sometimes a good song is all I need to get me moving again.  Here’s one of my favorites:

And last but not least, a little inspiration.


What do you do when you need a little extra motivation?


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