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Creature Comforts

on September 10, 2013

On Thursday afternoon it happened.  The dreaded summer cold set in.  It seems I get the same summer cold every year.   It starts with 48 hours of a dry, scratchy and very sore throat, followed by several days of stuffiness, sniffling, coughing and overall yuckiness.  It’s what my husband and I call the “Pribe of Libe” stage from Friends.

I’m on the tail end of the cold now, with that loud annoying cough that makes everyone take 3 giant steps back away from you in fear of getting sick.  I don’t blame them, but it still makes you feel a bit sad.

When I’m sick, I crave comfort.  I want to be a little kid again, snuggle up in my footsie pj’s, curl up on the couch with my favorite blankie and have my Mommy bring me popsicles and mashed potatoes (not at the same time of course).  When you are an adult and are sick, you really don’t get to indulge in the comforts that were provided to you as a child.  That seems a little unfair!

So I’ve been trying to give myself some of the creature comforts with this years summer cold.  Sore throat used to mean tons of milkshakes.  Well, I traded in a lot of those milkshakes for smoothies filled with fresh fruits and veggies, but I did indulge with a scoop of low-fat ice cream to end both evenings of the 48 hour sore throat fest.  Ice cream on a sore throat, does anything feel better than that when you’re sick??

Now in the cold stage, I do little things.  I’m definitely spending more time relaxing, letting some chores go by the side.  I will have time to do those when I’m healthy again.  I curl up with my favorite blanket and read a good book on the couch.  That’s a comfort.  I went to the grocery store and bought a whole bunch of sick people food.  I was craving sick people food, so I bought popsicles (which I have yet to break into, but am looking forward to a tasty popsicle treat), GOOD soup (Amy’s and Wolfgang Pucks), Saltine crackers and frozen waffles (gluten-free).  And since the adult part of me is still there, I bought a bunch of fresh fruit and pre-made smoothies for a nutrition boost.

Now this may seem simple, but it really is a luxury.  Rarely do I allow myself to pile up on pre-made ready to eat foods.  And let’s face it, I don’t want to spend my precious little bits of energy making myself food right now.  I’d rather use that to do what I need to do   during the day, whether it’s a meeting or running errands.  Which yes, as a “grown up”, you still have to do when you have a cold.

I’ve still been exercising, but just no high intensity movements.  I searched YouTube for some low impact exercise and found some great ones that get my heart rate up just enough to have an effect, but not so much that I’ll relapse.  You can work out when you are sick, as long as it’s light and it doesn’t make your symptoms any worse.

All in all, I feel pampered enough that I feel a bit better than I should, but am still tackling my adult responsibilities.  I think I may apply the creature comforts protocol a bit when I’m healthy as well.  Every now and then, it’s ok to just want to be comforted!

Quiet Cardio Workout (Low Impact) by FitnessBlender:

Jessica Smith Cardio Mat Workout #1 (Low Impact):

Should you workout when your sick?


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