The Cold Penguin

expanding the box

A plan and a schedule

on August 24, 2013

While I’ve noticed my thoughts and actions are improving slowly but surely, I do still have one issue I’d like to tackle soon.  I don’t like getting out of bed in the morning.  And I don’t mean I’m still tired and want to sleep more.  I have had plenty of sleep but I still just want to lay in bed and drift back into sleep.  Sometimes I lay there for a while trying to go back to sleep but do not succeed.  Usually because my husband realizes what I’m doing and starts talking to me and making lots of noise as he gets ready for the day.  It annoys me, but not enough to say anything to him.  I know he’s only trying to help.

Since I am in between jobs (let’s face it – that’s sugar-coating the situation, I’m unemployed.  I hate that word and avoid it at all costs though!), my days are full of endless hours to fill.  There are cleaning tasks I do, but limit that to an hour or two a day.  We are not overly messy people and if I spent all day cleaning I think I’d go mad.  I do enjoy cooking and baking, and will do that some.  But again, it’s not anything I can do all day.  I exercise.  I walk the dog.  I read.  I watch tv.  I play Candy Crush.  It’s not an exciting life, but it’s not a horrible one either.  What’s missing is a plan, a schedule, and a little excitement.

I work well off of plans.  If I am going to an exercise class at a certain time, then I can plan my day around it and it’s a bit easier to get out of bed in the morning.  If my class starts at 9am then I need to eat breakfast by 7:30, I need to get the dog walked and back before 8:45, etc.  At least for the first half of the day, I’m booked up.  Then in the afternoon I can run errands, read, cook and clean.  It’s a plan.  It’s a schedule.  And if the exercise class is a good one, it’s an exciting challenge (for me at least).  Those days are decent days.

But days I don’t take an exercise class and instead focus on doing cardio (I’m not a Zumba or Dance girl – so I don’t do cardio exercise classes), then I get bored.  I can work out whenever I want, whether I do a DVD or YouTube video, go for a run, or grab an elliptical at the gym.  I don’t need to eat by a certain time.  If the dog’s walk runs late, there’s no problem.  I’m less motivated to get things done because I have all day to do them.  And I’m less excited to do them because it tends to get repetitive and boring.

So a plan and excitement.  That’s what I need to work on.  So today I’m focusing on my exercise schedule for next week.  I also need to get a Vet appointment for the dog, and then work in maybe some more enjoyable activities – like getting new running shoes, riding a bike, and having lunch out.  And we’ll see not only how well I can follow it, knowing I really don’t have to, and how well it affects my mood.  Maybe I won’t be excited about getting out of bed, but the hope is I won’t want to delay getting out of bed.


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