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Weigh Ins and Cop-Outs

on August 14, 2013

It’s Weigh-In Wednesday!  One of my least favorite mornings of the week!  But since the scales have been stable for about 2 weeks now, I’m less dreading it as seeing it as a formality.  And to not my surprise this morning, the results are the same as the last weigh-in.  I’m 5 lbs above my goal weight.  (Sorry I’m not giving specifics here, but right now I just don’t want to – no better reason than that.)

Five pounds isn’t too bad, but there’s a reason why they say it’s the last 5 pounds that are the hardest to lose.  The reason is, because it’s sooo true!!

There are a lot of factors that probably create my difficulty in losing these past 5 pounds: My knee injury causing me to have to do less high impact exercises, which are not only my favorite, but I find more effective for me to get a good cardio burn.
My body chemistry changing as a result of being a female over 30.  Metabolism slowing?  Possibly.  Hormones shifting?  Well, if the acne that decided to pop up on my face about 3 months ago has anything to say about it, then definitely.  Oh the joys of womanhood!
But the number 1 culprit: my enjoyment/addiction to snacking when I’m not overly hungry.  I love snacking.  And right now the power of snacking outweighs (no pun intended) the power of losing the last 5 pounds.  Hopefully that will shift soon.  I’m thinking it’s emotion related – and once I figure out how to become more emotionally stable, then the snacking will lessen.

So there you go, an observation into my weight.

Connected to that, I was going to try out a new group exercise class today.  I live in a city where one type of gym is pretty much King.  Competing gyms tend to fail.  (I will leave out the name of the gym because I find it’s better to not call anyone or anything out on the internet, whether it’s good or bad publicity.)  There are branches of this King gym around the city, and I drove to one that was 15 minutes out of my way to take a Beginners Pilates class.  I have a strong core, and I’ve done Pilates before, but it’s been a while so I figured I’d ease myself in.

And I’m sure you don’t realize, but this is a huge step for me.  I tend to avoid anything, place or situation where I can look like a fool or bring the slightest bit of attention to myself.  I like trying new things by myself, but doing them with a group of strangers or sometimes even people I know and trust, freaks me out beyond belief.  But I put on my big girl pants (or gym clothes) and went anyway.

Well, I went to the classroom I thought the class was being held in, and about 5 minutes after the class was suppose to begin I found out I was in the wrong place.  I walked all over the gym, looking for the classroom, but could not find it.  So I gave up and did my own workout there, some elliptical and strength training.

I guess the smart thing would have been to ask one of the many staff members I saw walking around where the class was.  But I think I liked not having to go.  Not having to put myself on display in a class that probably (though not definitely) wasn’t going to be enjoyable to me.  So yes, I took a cop-out.  I didn’t push myself as I should have.  I’m a little frustrated with myself, but not as much as you would think.  I guess I feel like I didn’t really miss out on anything, though I definitely could have.  I guess next week I’ll go and actually ask someone where the class is being held.


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