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Day 2: Knees and hair

on August 13, 2013

I have what they typically call “runners’ knee”.  It’s in both knees, but worse in my left due to an old gymnastics busted ankle that never really got the medical treatment it deserved.  And when my ankle is angry, my knee gets angry.  And they are both barking right now.

The good thing about my current knee pain is that I know I’m controlling my not-so-happy mood lately.  But how do you know that, you ask?

Well, normally if I was in not a great space emotionally, and something occurred like my knee started hurting that prevented me from exercising as much as I’d like, I’d jump on the “why me?” train.  It would be proof in my unhappy mind that things just aren’t going to go my way.  All I want to do is simply to run, and I can’t.  So big things that I want, no way do I have a chance.  You know, the logical thinking pattern of those who suffer from dysthymia, low self-esteem, depression and/or anxiety.  I can get lost in this thinking pattern.

But right now, I’m just dealing.  I’m finding ways to exercise and not letting it get me down in the dumps.  Today I exercised for an hour, which is my typical time, and while yes, I had some aching knees, I found ways not to put too much stress on my knees.

My newest gadget: YouTube Workout Videos.  There are a lot of great ones out there.  I love BeFit, but they are definitely high impact so I had to avoid those today.  I just did a google search for low impact high intensity exercises and did a lot of squats, lunges and twists, but they did the job.  I broke a sweat and got a decent workout.  And that’s all you can ask for right?

This video was my favorite.  I really like Jessica Smith’s workouts:

I also did a couple from, including this “recovery workout” that I’m sure I’ll put into my normal routine

So yay, my knee hurts (a little less after some ice and Advil) but I can still do things.  Unfortunately I need to keep up with the running at least a few times a week since I have a 5K in a couple of weeks.  My body will not adjust to no running for 2 weeks and then running 3.1 miles.  I’m not a natural runner, like my husband is.  My body aches and pants and does everything short of rejecting running.  But I power through it for the great workout and since of accomplishment.  So maybe 4-5 more runs before my 5K, and then some rest, lots of strength and stretching, and some new running shoes and hopefully the knee will be A-Ok!

Another sign of my funk-dome getting the best of me is that I “let myself go” in my day-to-day personal care routine.  Now I shower every day, I’ve never gotten that bad.  But I may just get clean, throw my hair up in a knot on the back of my head, go makeup and lotion free, and wear sloppy clothes that are more suited for sleeping than everyday wear.  I’m not a hot mess, but a mess nonetheless.

Today I did something that shows I’m on my way to recovery in that realm.  I got a haircut, including highlights, and I feel great.  It’s funny how you can get just a bit of your hair cut off and you feel lighter, prettier, happier and refreshed.

And ladies who do more than just get their regular trims (man do I envy those who have such gorgeous hair that’s all they need!), know that the salon is a bit chaotic and time-consuming.  Usually I come out feeling a bit drained, with a sore tuckuss from sitting for so long, and a bit of a headache from my head being messed with so much.  But today, even though the salon was full of little girls getting their back to school haircuts (aka LOUD!), and I had to sit for 2 hours straight to get the highlights done, I walked out feeling good.  I walked out with a pep in my step and a good feeling in my heart.

So yay, I’m doing well.  And as long as I keep fighting away the thoughts that I can very easily fall down again, I can stay up.  Just remember: there’s a greater purpose.  Keep trying, keep moving forward.  Pick yourself up and just do.  That’s all you can do, and it’s what you must do, to improve.


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